5 Steps to Secure your WooCommerce Store

With the excitement of launching its own WooCommerce shop, we tend to forget some small details. This is how the security of your site can be compromised and that could be the cause of an upcoming successful hacking.

WooCommerce and WordPress already land with good security measures, but it is better to be more than prepared for a possible visit of “friends” pirates.

#1. Choosing a good web host

Everything starts here. Even if you put a ton of effort into securing your site, a bad host could spoil everything.

Therefore, the very first step is to choose a good web host: one who has a good reputation, and puts safety first. Do not choose at random, at the risk of you (you and your customers) jeopardize.

Ideally, you need to choose a hosting plan for WordPress (the “managed WordPress hosting”) that:

  • has monitoring and attack prevention
  • offers security patches regularly
  • uses the latest software (latest version of PHP, …)
  • isolates sites, preventing infection between sites on the same server

Respectful web hosts dedicate a page (or even more) for the security of the sites they host.

#2. Create secure passwords

When you start configuring WordPress and WooCommerce, be sure to use secure passwords, whether for databases, FTP,…

A secure password is:

  • a password that you do not use anywhere else
  • a password composed by different breaks (upper and lower case), numbers and even symbols (punctuation, #, &, …)
  • A password that does not appear in dictionaries or that can be guessed: important date of your life, name of a relative,…
  • a very long password

If you use password managers, turn on their random password generators and use them.

#3. Authentications in 2 factors (2FA)

The use of a secure password is not enough in 2017. In addition to having the most complex passwords, you need to enable authentication in two factors. This technique brings a second security door to your WordPress site.

#4. Limit bruteforce attacks

Crudeforce attacks are attacks that try all possible combinations of passwords. Not only they may find your password in the long run, but they also saturate the web server.

The majority of today’s security plugins come with the brute force protection feature, such as Jetpack with Jetpack Protect, or WordFence.

#5. Backups in case of disaster

Some people neglect it but it is very important to make oneself backups. It is not always safe to rely on the backup systems of the hosts.

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