Do not throw away your rice water!

Forget avocado and coconut oil. The latest trend is rice water. We’ll tell you what the beauty water can do.

Do not throw away your rice water!

Why invest a lot of money in beauty products, if it is also cheaper. Rice water is the new beauty weapon and all you need is a pot, water and rice.

1. Rice water cares for the hair

Do it like the Asian women: They use rice water as a conditioner for their (great!) Hair. For this you have to leave the rice water for one to two days. During this time, the acidity increases and antioxidants and minerals can develop. These not only make your hair shine, but also stimulate growth. Simply rinse the hair with the rice water after the usual washing.

2. Rice water helps with gastrointestinal complaints

In bloating or diarrhea, a glass of rice water helps. The starch contained in the water rebuilds the intestinal flora and protects the mucous membrane.

3. Rice water helps with acne

Do you suffer from acne? Then you give morning and evening rice water on a cotton pad and dab it with the affected areas. The folic acid contained in the rice water has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect.

4. Rice water helps against a hangover

The next time you wake up with a hangover, just drink a glass of rice water. This ensures that the salt balance is restored.

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