9 things you don’t want to hear about sockless shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is like stepping on clouds. The best way to wear shoes is to wear with comfortable pair of socks. Mostly the person having a sweaty body with exceptionally sweaty feet going hundreds of miles barefoot can rot the shoes from inside out. It would be terrible when you’re sweating through the insides of your sneakers and smelling bad. We always prefer you to wear socks with any shoe, except Birkenstocks, which are worn because of some foot issues.

Going sockless can result in major issues like feet sweat, bacteria growth, and blisters etc. Socks help wick away both odor caused by bacteria and wetness. Going sockless can also depend upon the kind and purpose of wearing a shoe. For instance, if you are going into water to swim, then wet socks are a feeling that most people do not like with kind of water shoes as they have tendency to dry quickly. Try wearing trainer socks or shoe liners as an alternative if you want to go for the no socks look.

Here are 9 awful things that happen when you war sneakers without socks:

#1. Your Sneakers Smell to high heaven

It is the worst but an obvious thing that happens when we wear sneakers sockless. Imagine a situation when you visit your friends or relative house and they ask you to take off your shoes. It would be highly embarrassing situation that the foul smell from your sneakers would waft into the air and make everyone else around you wildly uncomfortable.

#2. Your feet sweat

Walking around without socks in any pair of shoes will result into sweaty and stinky feet. It will smell even after a day walk so it’s a very good reason to avoid going sockless .Beside some of the daily wear and tear, if you go sockless, the insides of your sneakers will turn white to gray in some case which will be difficult to clean afterwards.
#3. Inside of the shoe layer gets dirty
Beside some of the daily wear and tear if you go sockless, the insides of your sneakers will turn white to gray in some case which will be difficult to clean then. The reason can be again due to sweating or because of dirty feet or ankles.

#4. You look unpresentable

Imagine wearing shoes without socks to an important business meeting? Looks informal and indecent. As it’s always said that a man is recognized by the shoes he wears and wearing shoes without socks will look very indecent.

#5. Developing fungal problems and infections

with the rise in poorly made footwear inners, they have caused a significant rise in the number of unwanted foot conditions. Many shoes have leather uppers but are lined in synthetic material which is very stinky and not breathable. Such material of shoes when remain in contact with barefoot moisture, heat and bacteria will all be trapped inside the shoe. Also, some microbes sitting in inner part of the shoes can enter through a small cut in anyone’s feet. This infection proceeded to sepsis, a condition in which the bacteria causing the infection spreads to your bloodstream that in turn leads to dangerously low blood pressures. It can lead to severe organ damage and even death.

#6. Sneakers damage early

Wearing sneakers for a long time without socks can make the cushions on the inside absorb all the moisture from your sweaty feet, which makes you feel like stepping on a wet sponge. The cushion inside the sneakers damage due to regular sweating and absorption of moisture.

#7. Going sockless is painful and results into blisters

Some shoes are not designed to be worn directly barefoot and failing to wear socks can hurt your feet even more in this case. One can easily get a blister from wearing such shoes without socks. These blisters are really painful and sockless can convert that blister into an open wound with serious fungal infections.

#8. Damage your toenails

Not only does sockless shoes give you blisters but it can risk your feet by developing a fungal infection called onychomycosis. This fungus is difficult to get rid of and it can damage your toenails.

#9. Development of corns on feet

Corns are caused by going sockless and in ill-fitting shoes. The reason why they develop is because the body is trying to protect the joint underneath when there is too much pressure on the foot. If you get corns, the area of feet where there is corn gets harder and person needs to consult doctor immediately.
Hopefully now you’re fully convinced that wearing socks is good for your feet health conditions.

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