Makeup Looks which will make you look Beautiful at Every Occasion

Makeup is something which is needed by every woman. A delicate woman knows how to look pretty and how to wear makeup on their skin. Makeup enhance our beauty more and make us to feel more confident and to adore own self. Why we every time need to admire some else? We don’t need to admire other because we every woman is special and beautiful from inside and make is just needed to re-create our selves according to occasions.

Different occasions need different make look. Nude or natural make can’t be worn at parties and party make ups can’t be worn at offices. So it is so simple to understand the difference between the different makeup looks according to different occasion. So here we are to help you and guide you to know more about it-

Natural Look

It is the makeup which anyone girl or woman can wear on her faces throughout the day without feeling any burden. This type of make is idealized when you are going for office or just going out with your friends to chilling out. You can even wear this at home, in this look you just need to apply a thin layer of foundation to even out your skin tone, light colored eye shadow (optional) and a natural colored lip gloss or lip balm which goes naturally with your lip color.

Look like a Professional

To look like a professional in wearing make you have to do some more work than in natural one. It starts by applying foundation according to your skin tone and then proceeds by applying concealer where it required (under the eye and on marks) and blush. Complete this look by applying natural black colored mascara and beery or pink lipstick.

Add Little Hotness and Sexiness to your make

To look sexy and hot you need to wear this makeup. If you want to raise the temperature of the party just go with it is idealized for clubbing or a prom night. For sexy look you will need some red lipstick and lot of dark colored eye shadow with some or smoky eyes. To start this you have to apply foundation, concealer and blush. Then add in some smoky eye shadow, lots of mascara and red lipstick. Don’t forget to wear a nice perfume if you want everyone to admire you.

Go Dramatic

Have fun with some dramatic looks. Hunt some websites and fashion shows look out the runway makeup looks there you will find more dramatic makeup ideas form that. There are some points to consider that is unusual eye shadow colors, paints on eyebrows and even lip colors that will look like plastic on your lips. Once you are done with all this then you can also apply glitter or shimmer bronze to take this to another level.

I had so much fun creating this looks! I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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