Phone a pied piper for kids! How Black Friday best time to deal with it?

Technology is serving us continuously but at the same time, it has made us lazy and taking us from real-life charms. There is no doubt technological creatures have changed the course of our lives and today we are talking to each other from one end to another end of the world. The human world has become a global village, distances have been shrinking.

The mobile phone invention is one of the greatest inventions of all time and it was almost developed two decades ago and today it is widespread. The cellphone technology is the fastest growing technology over the years we all have come across with and today everyone has it.

Forget the adults, even teens and kids have become addicted to mobile phone devices and tablets especially having internet access. Therefore, parents have to deal with this technological pied piper attracting kids and teens towards online dangers.

Cell phone a tech –base Pied piper: Is it true?

Obviously, true! Are you still having a reservation regarding these arguments? Well, let me tell you, modern generation love, to have digital devices. They are addicted to browsing activities, internet, and social media apps and websites. They like to communicate with the people online rather than to be active in real –life.

Activities text messages, conversations, sharing photos, videos, shared media files and voice messages this is all that teens and kids are doing repeatedly doing online. Additionally, adoption of dangerous social media trends, watching porn online, and get involved in uncommitted sexual hookups by using dating apps.

Furthermore, young tweens and adolescents become the victim of cyber bullies, stalkers, and sexual predators. Teens sometimes disturbed and embraced due to excessive sharing of personal photos and videos in a sexual suggestive possess. So, teens become the victim of slut-shaming on social media and revenge porn as well.

What Common Sense Media Statistics say about child cellphone addiction?

  • According to the stats one out of two teens say they are obsessed with the mobile phone and tablets connected to the cyberspace
  • Almost 72% of teens are always worried and want to respond to the text messages, social media apps, notifications, and others
  • 78% of the children and teens used to of checking their mobile phone device back and forth in a single hour
  • 77% of teens don’t bother what is happening in the surrounds especially when they are using cell phone device
  • 35% of teenage girls and boys got heated arguments with moms and fathers on the use of cell phone devices
  • Almost 51% of teens use their digital handset behind the wheels for making cellphone calls and for messages

All these stats are the real pieces of evidence that modern youth is highly addicted to mobile phone technology. Parents have to do something to make sure kids and teens safe online. Currently, we are having pre –Christmas season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. So, parents can get a 50% to 90% discount on cellphone parental control software. It is all about child safety online. Parents should prefer kids’ and teens’ online safety first and then they should think about anything else like buying good on discounted prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Additionally, parents can get subscriptions online of mobile phone tracking app and then get started with the process of installation. New users can get a 90% discount and old users can renew their license with a 50% discount. So, you can monitor kids and teens all the activities performed within no time. You can record live phone calls and further you can read text messages, capture screenshots of social media activities.

Additionally, parents can get social media logs in terms of text messages, conversations, shared photos, videos, and Voice calls. Furthermore, you can remotely control your kid’s and teens’ cell phones and see installed applications, block text messages; bloc incoming calls of strangers and last but not the least block the internet access in a crucial time. However, parents can block and filter adult websites on target phone.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday is right around the corner, it means you can get discounts against the good you will buy. Make sure kids online safety first and then do the rest.

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