Why do ladies have a thing for electric cars now?

If you have noticed, you could see that electric cars like e2o seem to be slowly increasing in number and ruling the roads these days.  Especially in youthful but busy cities like Bangalore, electric cars seem to be marking its presence and gaining its fan base more among the ladies crowd. Apart from the obvious cuteness and compact features of the car, what else might have clicked right with the ladies? Well, a lot of things…

Limited maintenance

By virtue of the replacement of fuel as its energy source, the electric car got to get away with much of the fuel-related maintenance, such as spark plug replacement, oil changes, and other services that are usually required by a complex internal combustion engine that normally occurs during periodic intervals. They also have regenerative braking system that redistributes energy to the battery, sparing the frequent maintenance of brake pad, friction brakes, calliper, and rotor. Most definitely we already have too much on our plates to spare time for these regular maintenance.

Compactness triumphs all

Another important feature of electric cars that helped it enter the hearts is its compactness. This tiny car can be easily taken through the most horrible of traffic jams. It is easier to rush to and from your office in an EV especially during peak hours that most of the state-of-art complicated cars. The compactness also helps save us while parking. Be it parallel, perpendicular or angle parking this tiny car of yours would never give you as much trouble as your old car did.

Power over high fuel costs

When it comes to fuel prices we would choose diesel over petrol any day. We would also prefer CNG over diesel for its pollution free properties and cost. But lack of availability of CNG has always been a problem. When it comes to an electric car, it serves the purpose of a CNG in a more efficient way. When the price of diesel is approx. INR 3.8/km and that of CNG is approx. INR 1.9/km, the cost of running an electric car per kilometre is approximately less than Rs.1. While helping us drive in style, the electric car also makes sure that we get to save some money.

Ease in traffic

Traffic is increasingly taking up a lot of time of our days. Thinking about this tiring job of taking our car through the traffic, we do not even want to go out these days. Electric cars are an excellent option for these traffic rides. Some important features of the electric car include the ease with which we can ride it, the automatic gear feature, and the compactness.

Silence is the voice of revolution

Usually, when we leave the chaos of our homes to get to the office, we are met with even more loud craziness on the roads. Often we end up having a headache right in the morning before we actually start to work. One interesting feature of an electric car is the very little noise that it makes. Imagine a road full of electric cars. This would help all of us keep our Zen and could indeed reduce the noise pollution that is a root cause of many mental and psychological issues that we face in the cities.

As safe as it can get

Electric cars are just safe as any other cars that run on fuel. It has the airbag, seatbelts and any other safety feature that a car requires while on the run. On the other hand, an electric car is less prone to a hazard as compared to a car that runs on combustible fuel. Again, electric cars does not tend to explode on impact as fuel run cars. Every government has special concern over the passenger’s safety while transportation. It permits only safe cars to run on the roads. Therefore each car needs to undergo certain tests before it hits the road. This is no exception to an electric car. An electric car also goes through the same safety tests as any other car that runs on combustible fuel.

Giving back to Mother Nature

Apart from the amazing features that help women deal with the traffic, size and compactness, one of the obvious but most important features of an electric car that makes us appreciate it is its contribution to our deteriorating nature. Issues of carbon footprint and climate change are on the rise and it is high time that we do our part. An electric car with no harmful emission and pollution not only help us to provide ourselves with a comfortable and easy travelling experience in a world where traffic gets the better of us, but also helps us give back to nature. As nurturers of small social units, it is important that we take lead for a safer environment with the safer car.

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