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How do bad habits affect your mental health?

Smoking, drinking, drug intake, hygiene were the bad habits that we needed to stay away from in the good old days. As time has changed new bad habits have been discovered.

These are termed bad habits because they affect everyone in adverse ways. Just the discovery of these bad habits doesn’t mean that the old ones that involve smoking and alcoholism are out of the race.

They still exist and there are rehabs and various methods such as meditation and exercises that keep your mind away from these addictions and help you break free of them.

1. Constant unnecessary use of smartphones:

Constant unnecessary use of smartphones
Smartphones have become one of the biggest aid of our lifetime but they have also become a hindrance for some. When someone is handed a weapon, the person that becomes the one who makes the decision how to use it. He/she can decide to throw it away or lock it away securely or use it to harm someone and feel pleasure while doing it.

Same can be done with a smartphone it is a tool supposed to help but many have unknowingly harmed themselves with the unnecessary overuse.

Checking past conversations is completely unnecessary and it is a big threat to your peace of mind. There is no point in dwelling on the past fights and argument. They are done. You need to move forward otherwise they are going to drag you down.

The next is overuse of social media. Being insecure enough to be buoyed by the likes and reactions you receive has become very common. It increases your insecurity when fewer likes are received which makes you question your lifestyle and choices. Because people will judge you freely online.

Creating memories rather than taking Pictures. When was the last time you let your phone cameras rest and enjoyed an outing or an event? Don’t remember it? Where’s the fun in that? Photos are part of your memories but they are just a minor part of it. If you keep clicking them when are you going to enjoy yourself?

2. Negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts
Once you let them in, they become your constant companions. Your thoughts can build you or destroy you. These negative thoughts are the destructive force that won’t stop until they have taken everything from you.

So, when we say that they affect your mental health, don’t take it lightly.

This is one habit that you need to break at the earliest. Accept positive thoughts, say nice things to yourself, think nice things about people and don’t forget to compliment them on a few of those nice things.

Accepting positive thoughts is a sure way to break this bad habit.

3. Stop being a sucker for bad relationships.

Stop being a sucker for bad relationships
Been there done that, but back for it again. Why?

Being alone might not always be so good, but it is really better than being in a toxic relationship that doesn’t do much for either your life or mental health.

Being single is not a life sentence, it’s an opportunity for you figure out who you are when you don’t think of yourself in love with someone. It’s an opportunity for you to learn what you are capable of. Unlike a bad relationship, it’s freedom, not a chain shackling you down.

So, add this to one to the list of bad habits that you have to get over. You just have to want better for yourself and stop settling for crumbs of affection tossed your way.

4.  No exercise.

No exercise
It’s the worst of them all. Avoiding exercise is a crime against your health, physical as well as mental. You must be pretty aware of the physical health benefits of exercise. Let’s educate you on the mental health benefits of exercise.

Feeling lost with no way out? Exercise is your solution. It doesn’t seem like the right answer right now and like any other solution it won’t be immediate, but you’ll still feel the difference.

Exercise has been known to reduce depression, anxiety, and anger. It’s basically an anger management tool that you can use at home. So, stop ignoring it, give it a try. Then you can stop screaming on the inside as well as the outside.

5. Being a workaholic.

Being a workaholic
Admit it, you do it. While you can lie to others you don’t have to keep the truth to yourself. Some of you might have responsibilities due to which you have to work hard.

Work hard but don’t become a workaholic. Workaholic life is an open invitation to stress and depression. Once you invite them in you’ll have a hard time getting free of them.

Breaking this one might be harder than any of the bad habits because being a workaholic might feel like your personality, not just a trait.

6. Defeatist posture:

Defeatist posture
A good posture doesn’t just speak well of you but it also helps you mentally.

A defeatist posture will make you feel helpless and will drag you down whereas a good one will always lift you up.

With a defeatist posture, you’ll be miserable and will not be able to find a way out of any of your problems. On the other hand, a good posture will ensure that you don’t give up and continue to find a way out and a solution and if it fails then it will ensure that you keep trying.

Accepting defeat is again inviting negative thoughts that will lead to either stress or depression. So, you can do something about it right now. Start by sitting straight and work your way around improving your posture.

7. Not leaving your home.

Not leaving your home
Only people who have agoraphobia and prefer their own company without feeling isolated are the ones who should not consider this as a bad habit. Because staying inside your house and not experiencing the outdoors will limit you.

Outdoor and fresh air have their advantages. They are good for your mental health. They bring you peace and joy. So, don’t imprison yourself, venture out of your house and get better.

These are just a few of the many bad habits that you have to beat in order to live a better lifestyle but you’ll be happier once you beat them. Isn’t that what everyone is seeking these days? Happiness? It’s within your reach. Take the step.

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