DIY – Turn Boxes into Baskets

We have now included some racks and I have been looking for some cost-effective storage space. Inexpensive, lovely holders can be near on impossible to come by. So I racked my mind and came up with this excellent alternative, convert containers into holders.

This container is crafted from a common card board box, 4 ply jute, a hot adhesive gun, many adhesive stays, and a whole lot of affection.

First, using scissors, I cut the flap off the box.

Next, I covered my sad, flap-less box with the jute, sticking every bit of it along the way.

Then, I ongoing covering and covering and covering.

Finally, when I achieve the top, I was so thrilled, as if I had just risen my way to the peak of Mt. Everest.

To complete the container, I then whipped up a customized dimension lining using affordable, white-colored muslin material.

I really like the look and it really didn’t take a lengthy time. Now, I just need to make a few more of these to leave on my bathing room racks.

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