How to Clean Satin Heels?

When you wear wear satin heels, an evening on the town will go from grey to glamorous. But unpredictable weather and unexpected situations can leave mud or dust areas on your satin heels. Since an invitation to a great party could come at any time, knowing how to fresh up your satin heels is a must. Satin is a delicate content that can damage easily, so follow these steps to ensure that your fashionable heels look their best for your next night out.

Things you’ll need:

  • Clean cloth
  • Hand soap
  • Hand towel

Prepare your shoes:

Using a dry content, carefully clean all dust and dust off of the footwear. If you do not clean the footwear first, you could rub even more dust into the content, causing widespread staining on the satin heels.

Blot the stains:

Dampen content with cold standard water. Mark the silk high heel with the content, starting with the areas at the top. Dab the content downward, following the grain of the content. Clean any visible dust areas or areas around the entire high heel, making sure to dab rather than rub the content.


Dry your satin heels instantly with a bath soft towel. Mark and dab the moisture from the silk. Don’t rub the silk content, because standard water lines could form.

Deeper cleaning:

If standard water alone did not eliminate all of the areas, use a little bit of gentle side detergent to get rid of further areas. Add a pea-size amount of side detergent to the content. Rub the content together to form a slight lather. If the grime and dust dissipated with standard water alone, do not use detergent on your satin heels.

Dab the stains:

Clean the dust or mud areas only. Do not use the detergent on fresh portions of the silk content. Inspect the entire silk shoe and soak each spot. Immediately rinse with cold standard water.

Remove the detergent residue:

Soap remains can stain satin heels, so you want to completely take it off. Pat the spotted areas with a wet content. Apply light pressure to eliminate the detergent.

Dry the satin heels:

Use the bath soft towel to spot-dry the moist parts. Never let silk footwear air dry. Water areas and lines are common on silk content. If you cannot get all the standard water out with a soft towel, use a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting possible to carefully dry the fabric.

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