Side effects of wearing wrong size bra

Four out of five women are wearing the wrong bra size, are you? Women have a close connection with them but most are wearing the wrong size.

Brands are challenging. And sizes of bras differ from brand to brand. So there is really no one size you can put on. Also, your breast size varies too. So, there is no one way of understanding what bra you prefer.

What you can do is measuring your size yourselves whenever before you buy a bra. That way you can prevent purchasing a different size at least on your end.

Health effects of wearing a wrong bra size:

Back Pain

Back pain occurs in women with large breasts and the bra is also of the wrong size. Ill-fitting bra puts pressure on the chest and due to effect of solemnity of heavy breasts women tend to stoop, causing pain in the hip area. If the bra is tight it will exert pressure on the rib cage causing back pain.

Breast Pain 

Breast pain is the most common cause of wrong size bra. Tight fitting bras that are uncomfortable lead to breast pain.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the side effects of wearing a wrong bra size. Women must be very careful while picking up the bra size as one mistake can block blood flow and lead to breast cancer.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

The straps of tight bras create pressure on the shoulders. This injure from shoulder can go up to the neck causing severe pain.

Lymph Nodes

Wearing a bra with a small cup size can lead to the failure of the lymph nodes. So, always wear the right size of bra.

Blockage of the Lymph Lodes

Lymphatic vessels on the breasts are very thin, they can easily be compacted with constant minimum pressure from tight fitting bras. This pressure can close the lymph valves and vessels.

Breast Ligaments

Wrong size bra can expand the risk of ­irreversible damage to the breast ligaments, which can cause pain, and lead to sagging.

Sagging Breasts

Sagging breasts can be a result of wearing a loose bra which spoils the shape and size and of the boobs. Loose bras fail to lift the breasts and keep them in shape and make them heavier and tend to sag them.

Skin Problems

An unacceptable bra size can cause blisters on the skin around the breast, especially when the size is small and it is very tight around the breasts.

Breast Size

If you do not wear fitting and relaxed bra size, your breast size will either decrease or increase.

Poor Posture

Wearing a wrong bra size can ruin your posture. This also leads to back, shoulder and neck pain.

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