Master up Your Knowledge of CAD/CAM Software

CAD or CAM were not born in a day. Before the advent of such miraculous software, there were pencils and papers that were used to plan, create, develop and manufacture various designs as well as their prototypes that were then developed into the required product. But, this manual process of designing was a tedious one where one has to be extra careful with all the measurements and specifications to develop a perfect working instrument.

The onset of CAD/CAM software or the Computer Aided Design or Computer-Aided Manufacturing as it is uncommonly known as, is used for designing, developing and manufacturing of the prototype or the product in a much simpler way. Thus, in a simpler way, CAD/CAM software is used in the entire manufacturing process starting from planning, management, and deployment till maintenance in a methodical manner. This CAD technology have made the development of prototype much faster and cheaper. Moreover, there have been 3D CAD technology that are used in designing and development of prototypes within a virtual design structure that offers a clearer picture of the instrument from every angle.

Let us have a look at some of the pivotal reasons for the introduction of CAD/CAM technology.

  • An enhanced flexibility: With the arrival of CAD/CAM technology in the field of designing, you can easily change the design as per your convenience. Before this, the draftsman would require to completely redraw the project from beginning, but CAD/CAM has made this task a simpler one where little changes are required to redesign the product wherever necessary.
  • Number of prototypes: Another benefit of using CAD/CAM in your design is that the drafting person could create a number of prototypes rather than just one which could definitely be helpful in providing different ideas over a single machine. The most feasible prototype could be chosen as per the working condition and practicable nature without sweating much over designing multiple prototypes.
  • Automatic Checking: Along with designing and development of machines, CAD/CAM software could help in checking the specifications over the design and suggest whether it is a practical one or not. Such kinds of observations could be of high importance when you are designing a critical structure that requires meticulous planning and measurement. You may also check the progress of the development of your machine designing that was difficult to achieve when you are developing the structure manually.
  • Full Access over the entire job: When you are working with CAD/CAM software, you have a full control over the working coordinates of your machine from top to bottom. This allows you a complete observation with processing, storage, working coordinates that will determine how the machine will get forged.
  • A Budget-friendly designing process: Compared to the manual designing, development and manufacturing of your device or prototype, CAD/CAM helps in the development of same prototype but at a nominal budget which if mistakenly created at some parts could be easily remedied without much hard work in re-designing the structure. This saves a lot of cost that was invested in manpower as well as a huge amount of time.
  • Increases the potential: With the addition of CAD/CAM technology in your design, the drafting persons could add more complexity and specifications in their designing to come up with a unique design and process the job through the cycled processes within it.
  • Easy programming: The programming within the NX CAD software is very easier to conclude since all the data within the system related to the material that are mentioned in the material are directly fed into the system thus, making the job of programming very easy to undertake.

Have a look at the various applications of CAD/CAM software.

  • Architecture: CAD/CAM software has an extensive use in the field of architecture where they have a common use in developing the structure of buildings where a flawless planning is must for a rigid and robust structure.
  • Interior Design: CAD/CAM has seen an explosive use in the field of interior designing wherein the designers are using the technology to overlays their vision of designing on the given structure. This makes the task easier for them to accomplish as they can create different designs on the same structure.
  • Automobile: With the proper NX CAD/CAM training , many automobile engineers have been helped with the creation of variety of designs of automobiles that was tenacious task to handle for them.

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