Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Shortcuts

Shortcut Key Description
Alt+1 Align Left
Alt+3 Align Right
Alt+2 Align Horizontal Center
Alt+4 Distribute Objects Horizontally
Alt+Shift+1 Align Top
Alt+Shift+2 Align Vertical Center
Alt+Shift+3 Align Bottom
Alt+Shift+4 Distribute Objects Vertically
Alt+5 Align to Slide
Alt+Shift+W Bring to Front
Alt+Shift+S Bring Forward
Alt+Shift+A Send Backward
Alt+Shift+Q Send to Back
Ctrl+1 View – Normal
Ctrl+2 View – Outline
Ctrl+3 View – Notes
Ctrl+4 View – SlideSorter
Ctrl+5 View – Reading
Ctrl+Shift+Y Increase Font Size
Ctrl+Shift+X Decrease Font Size
Ctrl+Shift+G Object – Regroup
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action.
Ctrl+Y Redo the last action.
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy formatting only
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste formatting only
Ctrl+Alt+V Paste special
Ctrl+T Open the dialog box for changing the font.
Shift+F3 Change the case of letters between sentence, lowercase, or uppercase.
Ctrl+B Apply bold formatting
Ctrl+U Apply an underline
Ctrl+I Applies or removes italic formatting.
Ctrl+= Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing).
Ctrl+Shift+= Apply superscript formatting (automatic spacing).
Ctrl+K Insert a hyperlink
Ctrl+E Center a paragraph
Ctrl+J Justify a paragraph
Ctrl+L Left align a paragraph.
Ctrl+R Right align a paragraph.
Ctrl+M Insert a new slide.
Ctrl+Shift+D Duplicate of a selected slide.
F5 Start the presentation from the beginning.
Shift+F5 Start the presentation from the current slide.
Ctrl+F1 Show or hide ribbon.
Alt, H, S, L, P Launch the Selection pane.
Ctrl+Shift+F Move a selected item forward.
Ctrl+Shift+B Move a selected item backward.
F1 Open the Help window.
Shift+F4 Repeat the last Find action
Left-Arrow Move one character to the left.
Right-Arrow Move one character to the right.
Up-Arrow Move one line up.
Down-Arrow Move one line down.
Ctrl+Left-Arrow Move one word to the left.
Ctrl+Right-Arrow Move one word to the right.
End Move to the end of a line.
Home Move to the beginning of a line.
Ctrl+Up-Arrow Move up one paragraph.
Ctrl+Down-Arrow Move down one paragraph.
Ctrl+End Move to the end of a text box.
Ctrl+Home Move to the beginning of a text box.
Ctrl+Enter In Microsoft Office PowerPoint, move to the next title or body text placeholder. If it is the last placeholder on a slide, this will insert a new slide with the same slide layout as the original slide.
Shift+Right-Arrow Select one character to the right.
Shift+Left-Arrow Select one character to the left.
Ctrl+Shift+Right-Arrow Select to the end of a word.
Ctrl+Shift+Left-Arrow Select to the beginning of a word.
Shift+Up-Arrow Select one line up.
Shift+Down-Arrow Select one line down.
Ctrl+Backspace Delete one word to the left.
Delete Delete one character to the right.
Ctrl+Delete Delete one word to the right.
Ctrl+D Duplicate of an marked object.
Ctrl+Spacebar Remove manual character formatting, such as subscript and superscript.
Ctrl+N Build a new presentation.
Ctrl+Shift+S Show or hide a focused item.
Alt+Shift+F10 Display the menu or message for a smart tag. If more than one smart tag is present, switch to the next smart tag and display its menu or message.
Alt, A, A Animate – Animations > Animate
Alt, A, C Custom Animation – Animations > Custom Animation
Alt, A, E Transition Speed – Animations > Transition to This Slide > Transition Speed
Alt, A, F Automatically After – Animations > Transition to This Slide > Automatically After
Alt, A, I Automatically After – Animations > Transition to This Slide > Automatically After
Alt, A, I, I More
Alt, A, L Apply To All – Animations > Transition to This Slide > Apply To All
Alt, A, M On Mouse Click – Animations > Transition to This Slide > On Mouse Click
Alt, A, P Preview – Animations > Preview
Alt, A, T Transition Scheme – Animations > Transition to This Slide > Transition Scheme
Alt, A, U Transition Sound – Animations > Transition to This Slide > Transition Sound
Alt, A, Y Advance Slide – Animations > Transition to This Slide > Advance Slide
Alt, B, A Automatic
Alt, B, B Black
Alt, B, C Back To Color View.
Alt, B, D Don’t Show
Alt, B, G Grayscale
Alt, B, I Inverse Grayscale
Alt, B, K Black with White Fill.
Alt, B, L Black with Grayscale Fill.
Alt, B, R Gray with White Fill.
Alt, B, S Light Grayscale
Alt, B, W White
Alt, F, A Save As
Alt, F, C Close
Alt, F, D Send
Alt, F, E Prepare
Alt, F, F Save As Other Format.
Alt, F, I PowerPoint Options
Alt, F, N New
Alt, F, P Print
Alt, F, U Publish
Alt, F, W Preview and Print
Alt, F, X Exit PowerPoint
Alt, G, B, B Format Background
Alt, G, B, R Reset Slide Background
Alt, G, G Format Background – Design > Background > Format Background
Alt, G, H, M Browse for Themes
Alt, G, H, O More Themes on Microsoft Office Online.
Alt, G, H, S Save Current Theme
Alt, G, M Hide Background Graphics – Design > Background > Hide Background Graphics
Alt, G, O Slide Orientation – Design > Page Setup > Slide Orientation
Alt, G, S Page Setup – Design > Page Setup
Alt, G, T, C, C Create New Theme Colors.
Alt, G, T, C, R Reset Slide Theme Colors.
Alt, G, T, E Effects – Design > Themes > Effects
Alt, G, T, F Fonts – Design > Themes > Fonts
Alt, G, T, F, C Create New Theme Fonts.
Alt, H, 1 Bold – Home > Font > Bold
Alt, H, 2 Applies or removes italic formatting. – Home > Font > Italic
Alt, H, 3 Underline – Home > Font > Underline
Alt, H, 4 Strikethrough – Home > Font > Strikethrough
Alt, H, 5 Shadow – Home > Font > Shadow
Alt, H, 6 Character Spacing – Home > Font > Character Spacing
Alt, H, 7 Change Case – Home > Font > Change Case
Alt, H, A, C Center – Home > Paragraph > Center
Alt, H, A, I Increase Indent – Home > Paragraph > Increase Indent
Alt, H, A, J Justify – Home > Paragraph > Justify
Alt, H, A, L Align Left – Home > Paragraph > Align Left
Alt, H, A, O Decrease Indent – Home > Paragraph > Decrease Indent
Alt, H, A, R Align Right – Home > Paragraph > Align Right
Alt, H, A, T Align Text – Home > Paragraph > Align Text
Alt, H, A, X Text Direction – Home > Paragraph > Text Direction
Alt, H, D Delete – Home > Slides > Delete
Alt, H, E Clear Formatting – Home > Font > Clear Formatting
Alt, H, F, C Font Color – Home > Font > Font Color
Alt, H, F, F Font – Home > Font
Alt, H, F, G Increase Font Size – Home > Font > Increase Font Size
Alt, H, F, K Decrease Font Size – Home > Font > Decrease Font Size
Alt, H, F, N Font – Home > Font
Alt, H, F, O Office Clipboard – Home > Clipboard > Office Clipboard
Alt, H, F, P Format Painter – Home > Clipboard > Format Painter
Alt, H, F, S Font Size – Home > Font > Font Size
Alt, H, G, A, A Align to Slide
Alt, H, G, A, B Align Bottom
Alt, H, G, A, C Align Center
Alt, H, G, A, G Grid Settings
Alt, H, G, A, H Distribute Horizontally
Alt, H, G, A, L Align Left
Alt, H, G, A, M Align Middle
Alt, H, G, A, O Align Selected Objects
Alt, H, G, A, R Align Right
Alt, H, G, A, T Align Top
Alt, H, G, A, V Distribute Vertically
Alt, H, G, B Send Backward
Alt, H, G, E Regroup
Alt, H, G, F Bring Forward
Alt, H, G, G Group
Alt, H, G, K Send to Back
Alt, H, G, O Rotate
Alt, H, G, P Selection Pane
Alt, H, G, R Bring to Front
Alt, H, G, U Ungroup
Alt, H, I New Slide – Home > Slides > New Slide
Alt, H, J Columns – Home > Paragraph > Columns
Alt, H, K Line Spacing – Home > Paragraph > Line Spacing
Alt, H, L Layout – Home > Slides > Layout
Alt, H, M Convert to SmartArt – Home > Paragraph > Convert to SmartArt
Alt, H, N Numbering – Home > Paragraph > Numbering
Alt, H, O Object – Home > Drawing > Object
Alt, H, P, G Paragraph – Home > Paragraph
Alt, H, Q Reset – Home > Slides > Reset
Alt, H, R Replace – Home > Editing > Replace
Alt, H, S, E Shape Effects – Home > Drawing > Shape Effects
Alt, H, S, F Shape Fill – Home > Drawing > Shape Fill
Alt, H, S, H Shapes – Home > Drawing > Shapes
Alt, H, S, L, O Select Objects
Alt, H, S, O Shape Outline – Home > Drawing > Shape Outline
Alt, H, S, S Quick Styles – Home > Drawing > Quick Styles
Alt, H, U Bullets – Home > Paragraph > Bullets
Alt, H, V Paste – Home > Clipboard > Paste
Alt, M, A Insert Placeholder – Slide Master > Master Layout > Insert Placeholder
Alt, M, B Background Styles
Alt, M, C Close Master View
Alt, M, D Delete
Alt, M, E Header
Alt, M, F Footers
Alt, M, G Format Background
Alt, M, H Themes
Alt, M, I Insert Layout
Alt, M, L Master Layout
Alt, M, M Hide Background Graphics
Alt, M, N Page Number
Alt, M, O Slide Orientation – Slide Master > Page Setup > Slide Orientation
Alt, M, R Notes Page Orientation
Alt, M, S Page Setup – Slide Master > Page Setup
Alt, M, T, C Colors
Alt, M, T, E Effects
Alt, M, T, F Fonts
Alt, M, V Preserve – Slide Master > Edit Master > Preserve
Alt, M, Y Body – Notes Master > Placeholders > Body
Alt, N, A, A New Photo Album
Alt, N, A, E Edit Photo Album
Alt, N, C Chart – Insert > Illustrations > Chart
Alt, N, D Date & Time – Insert > Text > Date & Time
Alt, N, F Clip Art – Insert > Illustrations > Clip Art
Alt, N, H Header & Footer – Insert > Text > Header & Footer
Alt, N, J Object – Insert > Text > Object
Alt, N, K Action – Insert > Links > Action
Alt, N, M SmartArt – Insert > Illustrations > SmartArt
Alt, N, O, C Play CD Audio Track.
Alt, N, O, F Sound from File
Alt, N, O, R Record Sound
Alt, N, O, S Sound from Clip Organizer.
Alt, N, P Picture – Insert > Illustrations > Picture
Alt, N, S, H Shapes – Insert > Illustrations > Shapes
Alt, N, S, N Slide Number – Insert > Text > Slide Number
Alt, N, T, D Draw Table
Alt, N, T, I Insert Table
Alt, N, T, X Excel Spreadsheet
Alt, N, U Symbol – Insert > Text > Symbol
Alt, N, V, F Movie from File
Alt, N, V, M Movie from Clip Organizer.
Alt, N, W WordArt – Insert > Text > WordArt
Alt, N, X Text Box – Insert > Text > Text Box
Alt, R, C New Comment – Review > Comments > New Comment
Alt, R, D Delete – Review > Comments > Delete
Alt, R, H Show Markup – Review > Comments > Show Markup
Alt, R, L Translate – Review > Proofing > Translate
Alt, R, N Next – Review > Comments > Next
Alt, R, P, M Manage Credentials
Alt, R, P, R Restricted Access
Alt, R, P, U Unrestricted Access
Alt, R, T Edit Comment – Review > Comments > Edit Comment
Alt, R, U Language – Review > Proofing > Language
Alt, R, V Previous – Review > Comments > Previous
Alt, S, H Hide Slide – Slide Show > Set Up > Hide Slide
Alt, S, M Custom Slide Show – Slide Show > Start Slide Show > Custom Slide Show
Alt, S, M, W Custom Shows
Alt, S, N Record Narration – Slide Show > Set Up > Record Narration
Alt, S, O Show Presentation On – Slide Show > Monitors > Show Presentation On
Alt, S, R Resolution – Slide Show > Monitors > Resolution
Alt, S, S Set Up Slide Show. – Slide Show > Set Up > Set Up Slide Show
Alt, S, T Rehearse Timings – Slide Show > Set Up > Rehearse Timings
Alt, S, U Use Rehearsed Timings – Slide Show > Set Up > Use Rehearsed Timings
Alt, S, V Use Presenter View – Slide Show > Monitors > Use Presenter View
Alt, W, A Arrange All – View > Window > Arrange All
Alt, W, B Pure Black and White. – View > Color/Grayscale > Pure Black and White
Alt, W, C Color – View > Color/Grayscale > Color
Alt, W, D Message Bar – View > Show/Hide > Message Bar
Alt, W, E Cascade – View > Window > Cascade
Alt, W, F Fit to Window – View > Zoom > Fit to Window
Alt, W, H Handout Master – View > Presentation Views > Handout Master
Alt, W, I Slide Sorter – View > Presentation Views > Slide Sorter
Alt, W, K Notes Master – View > Presentation Views > Notes Master
Alt, W, L Normal – View > Presentation Views > Normal
Alt, W, M Slide Master – View > Presentation Views > Slide Master
Alt, W, N New Window – View > Window > New Window
Alt, W, O Grayscale – View > Color/Grayscale > Grayscale
Alt, W, Q Zoom – View > Zoom
Alt, W, R Ruler – View > Show/Hide > Ruler
Alt, W, T Notes Page – View > Presentation Views > Notes Page
Alt, W, V Move Split – View > Window > Move Split
Alt, W, W Switch Windows – View > Window > Switch Windows
Alt, W, W, 1 1 Presentation1
Alt, W, Z, Z Zoom – View > Zoom
Alt, Y Drawing Tools
Alt, Y, J, D Format – Drawing Tools > Format


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