How to Create a Windows 7 and Windows 8 Bootable USB Drive

There are different ways to install Microsoft windows OS in your pc. Most people use the bootable windows CD/DVD for the same.

But, as we just need to install Microsoft windows in the pc once in a while so it becomes bit difficult to keep the CD/DVD safe till long time.

Other than this, sometimes due to the scratches over the windows CD/DVD it shows different errors at the duration of installation such as any essential file is missing or we cannot proceed further.

So, to get rid of these problems it’s the smart idea to make and keep the bootable USB drive for windows.

Whether you’re using windows 7 or windows 8, this post will guide you on how to produce a bootable USB drive for any of your windows edition.

How to Build a Bootable USB Disk for Microsoft windows 7

To make a Microsoft windows 7 bootable USB generate the very first thing you need is ISO file or Microsoft windows 7 disc image. You can obtain Microsoft windows seven ISO information file from here.

Once you’ve downloadable the ISO file, follow these steps to burn it into USB drive:

  1. Download the Microsoft windows USB/DVD device from Microsoft Store, and then run it to set up.
  2. Once the device is installed in the PC, simply click Browse button and choose the Microsoft windows 7 ISO file you have. Click on Next.

  1. In the next step you’re needed to choose the media type where you want to save this ISO file. As you want to make a bootable USB, just choose USB Device instead of DVD.

  1. Now, you’re needed to connect a pen drive with at least 4GB space to your pc. Then choose the pendrive from the drop-down selection as shown in following screenshot and then simply click Begin Copying Button.

Note: Make sure you back-up all information from the pendrive to your pc as it will be removed during this process.

  1. As soon as you’ll simply choose the Begin Copying Button, it will begin developing the bootable usb drive and when this process is complete, you’ll have bootable windows 7 USB prepared.

How to Build a Bootable USB Drive for Microsoft windows 8

The procedure of creating the bootable usb drive for Microsoft windows 8 isn’t that different than that of windows 7. For Microsoft windows 8 you can simply begin with installing and installing the Windows Media Creation Tool.

  1. So, obtain the Windows Media Creation tool from here and then install it up into the pc.
  2. Now, choose Language from the first drop-down selection, then choose the Edition of Microsoft windows you want to set up in second drop-down and in the third drop-down selection next to Architecture choose whether you want a 32-bit or 64-bit edition of the OS. At last simply click Next.

  1. Now, insert the USB drive to your pc making sure that it has at least 4GB free space. If your pendrive has any essential data, make a back-up as it will be removed during this process.
  2. Now you’re needed to pick where to save the ISO file. Choose USB flash drive. Click on Next.
  3. You’ll see a list of USB devices connected to your pc. Select the pendrive where you want to download the ISO file and then simply click Next.
  4. Now the Media Creation Tool will begin installing the ISO straight to your USB flash drive. When the download completes, simply click Finish.

That’s all. Your bootable USB flash drive for Microsoft windows 8 and Microsoft windows 7 is prepared. Now you can use this USB drive to set up Microsoft windows in your pc.

I hope you’ll find this tutorial useful. Once you’ve the bootable USB drive, you’ll never need uncomplicated DVD/CD and instead you can just use the bootable USB generate whenever you want to format or reinstall Microsoft windows.

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