Major Benefits of Link Building

Back links are directly connected with the term “Search Engine Optimization”. The relevancy of back link has increased due to the scope of search engine optimization. Also known as “Inbound Links” it tells the importance of website. In simple terms, back link are links that direct towards your website or blog page. Back links are initial step to have good SEO. This improves Google ranking. This means that when a person is in search of any information and your page have content similar to his idea. Your site preference will be more than others and will appear more times as compare to other sites.

Below are some major advantages of link building

Brings Referral Traffic

Back links helps to bring real traffic to your website. It acts as a source form where one gets to your website easily. This delivers more viewers or traffic to you. If you get high quality links from reputable sites and directors it will assist you to drive organic traffic to your website.

Improves Ranking

Improvement in Google ranking is the best result you can get in this. This simply means that your site will appear more than other sites. Instead of having similar kind of content. This does not mean that putting your links in any website can import you visitors. Placing your link in good authority can give you benefit in this.

Long Term Relationship

Other than gathering traffic and improving ranking in various search engines, back link helps to build relationships with good sites and directors. This gives more benefit to you in other cases. In short it is a key for durable relationship.

Promotion & Branding

Back links indirectly helps you to promote your website or your page. If have given good and informative articles, then readers will defiantly curious to know who the creator or writer is. And they will defiantly proceed with your do-follow back link and will jump to your site for better content. This slowly turns your page into brand.

Long Haul

Promoting your website with paid ads will only last for limited duration. For more promotion you have to pay often for it. But creating back link is distant future. It is one of the best advantages of back link you don’t have to pay often for this. Sometimes it’s possible that for creating initial back link you will have to pay. But as it’s created it will be there for long duration.

Better Visibility

Remember that there is difference in no-follow link and do-follow back link. Do-follow back link helps in better appearance of your site in search engines. It enhances your visibility of website

In last few lines I would rather say building organic back links is best and durable way to raise your website. It is much cheaper and reliable.

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I am RUCHIKA DHRUWEY, pursuing my graduation in journalism and mass communication from Guru Ghasidas central university, Bilaspur (C.G), beside that I am blogger.

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