Marital Rape: Still Questioned

Rape is considered a major crime in Indian constitution as well as in society too. After a single case a storm of views and statement comes from everywhere for victim and culprit as well. People constantly talk about case. But why not on marital rape. When a woman is forced by her husband for any […]


Indian Women take to SUVs like ducks to water!

SUVs have always been perceived as macho vehicles. However, the stereotypes have been broken since women are taking to these vehicles like ducks to water! Women buyers are now preferring SUVs above several other vehicles. There were several reports and surveys which analyzed women buyers living in 28 Indian cities. While hatchbacks are the cars […]


10 Tips To Navigate In Kayak

As in any adventure sport, when we make a kayak outing, it is important to follow certain safety rules. Let’s review the ten most important of this water sport. Discover more information about types of best tandem kayaks here and find the best offers of kayaks near your province in this link. Get instruction from […]