A Wonderful Journey with Sea Kayaking in Antarctica


Have you ever heard about sea kayaking in Antartica before?

For those people who used to set sail for Antartica, I am sure that this is one of the most exciting moments in your life. The perfect weather, as well as the marvelous landscape, will capture your heart once you take part in this sport. You will get amazed at the stunning peaks and also the fantastic creatures. I have got a chance to experience this feeling, and that is why I am willing to share with you my unforgettable time.

Sea Kayaking in Antarctica

Welcome to the paradise of Antartica!

When coming to this place, you can approach the spectacular scenery on earth. And of course, there is no better way to see it than from the seat of the kayak. Antartica is surrounded by the calving glaciers, where you can witness the penguins playing in the water while having the adventure of your lifetime.

Furthermore, you will become immersed in the soaring bird cliffs, the silence, together with the majestic scenery at the same time. Besides, paddling in small groups enables you to absorb the thrilling feeling when going through the ice floes with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Moreover, you will get a valuable opportunity to get closer to the leopard and the Weddell seals. Especially, you may see them sleeping on the ice flows and feel free to touch them if you are confident. Besides, you are able to get access to the land of icebergs. However, do not forget to keep a distance from the height of these items since they can roll over your body anytime.

Another interesting point is that you can discover the layers of brash ice and listen to the sound of ice scraping. Remember to stay balanced as much as possible and do not try to turn suddenly. This is truly your brilliant journey, which will actually make you become a true adventurer.

Before paddling and entering to Antartica, you need to have some prior experience with sea kayaking. The reason is that you may face the brash ice, which is very difficult to navigate. As a result, you have to solve the issue with a little care and the balance.

By this way, you can explore the bay and get up close to the wildlife in the most thrilling way. Also, before getting started, you should prepare the necessary equipment for yourself. Thanks to these tools, you can have a safe and enjoyable journey.

For instance, you need to have the kayak and the paddle firstly. Then, remember to buy the Neoprene boots, the safety gear, the dry bag, the pogies, along with the dry suits. Make sure that you wear the life jackets before departing to explore the scenery of Antartica.

For anyone who is only the beginners with sea kayaking, you should remember the golden rule of paddling near an iceberg. In particular, if you have to look up, it means that you are way too close. Moreover, the atmosphere in Antartica is quite calm but that does not mean you can lose the concentration. Sometimes, accidents do happen, and well, you may fall into the water.

When I first jump in the kayak, my hands are a little bit shaky and my mind is quite nervous. If you do not know how to distribute your weight properly in the sea kayak, it may become overboard. In addition, you may be unstable when paddling for the first time, but do not worry since you will get better after a while of practicing along the shore.

There are some days when the condition is rougher. So, you need to be careful when paddling. But on the days with calm waves, you can comfortably paddle or sit in silence and enjoy the peaceful landscape in front of your eyes.

At this moment, do not forget to shout out your name loudly, and then, you can hear the echoes from the glacier wall around you. All in all, I have to admit that sea kayaking in Antartica deserves to become one of the most perfect excursions in my entire life.


In summary, I hope that all of my sharing about the sea kayaking in Antartica will give you an overview of this topic. You need to participate in this wonderful adventure at least once in your life with your beloved people. In case you have any confusion or queries about this aspect, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

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