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Remedies that can help you too keep dandruff away.

Hair problems are major issues for girls. Because setting hair goals are like the newest trend. Especially if you have dry hair then you are even more inclined towards dandruff. And the easiest way to get rid of this trouble for you is to use the best anti-dandruff shampoo for dry hair available at the stores or you could try finding them online. But remember do not go for things which look lucrative, in the first place know your hair type and then decide which one would suit you the best. The white flaky scalp and itching sensation that comes with dandruff is definitely not something you want. If you are suffering from dandruff, and you are literally tired and embarrassed then there is good news for you! Also now, you can wear whatever color you want to office and parties. Here is a secret now; you can use the best solutions to treat dandruff, that too with ingredients lying right on your kitchen shelf.

So here are two top home remedies for dandruff that are effective and long-lasting and can also bring that strength and shine back to your hair:

  1. For making the first solution take a few dried neem leaves and four tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl. Then you can Crush the neem leaves to a powder and take the powder and Mix the powder and olive oil in the same bowl. After you are done with making the paste

Apply the paste to your scalp and Leave it on for about an hour or so.  Then, you wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner. That is a remedy that has been working wonders since ages.

  1. For the second remedy take two teaspoons of coconut oil in a container, preferable a plastic container and then you can add two teaspoons of olive oil in the oil and also two teaspoons of honey with three teaspoons of yogurt. Mix the ingredients in a bowl to get a paste of medium consistency. Apply the paste to your scalp and gently massage it Continue massaging your scalp and hair for about 10 minutes. Leave it on for about half an hour or more, and then rinse it out using the ketomac shampoo. The ketomac shampoo is one must try for people having dandruff because it truly works wonder. Also it can be used for any hair type. Be it oily, or dry, or combination hair. You will really be amused to see the change right from the first wash. Once you are done, pat your hair dry with a soft towel and apply the conditioner that suits you the best. It is preferable if you try this in the morning. Because your hair will get some fresh air and some heat to dry naturally and you do not have to use any product like blow dryer. Coconut helps in preserving the hair’s natural proteins and is also known to eliminate dandruff.

Using the right shampoo regularly can help you keep dandruffs away.

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