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5 beauty tips for women

Do you want to look young and beautiful all the time? To achieve this, it is essential that you follow some beauty tips that are practical so that you relax and consent after a stressful day.

Give yourself time!

Even if you are very busy, it is important that you dedicate a few minutes a day to enjoy your company, meditate and reflect on everything that happens around you, while you consent and embellish your body. To begin, follow these beauty tips:

Body cleansing:

Good hygiene is basic for all human beings, in addition to preventing diseases , you will feel more secure and fresh. Take a shower before going outside and you can have a relaxing bath at night.

Also, do not forget that every part of the body is important, but try to wash your face after removing make-up and before going to sleep; with this you will avoid the appearance of imperfections.


This is a basic ritual for women, since it slows the appearance of the lines, moisturizes your skin and eliminates pimples or pimples. You only need:

Two drops of essential oils of lavender, chamomile, geranium; three drops of orange essential oil; 10 drops of rosehip essential oil. White clay. Mineral water. First, mix white clay with a little mineral water to make a paste, add the essential oils. Apply the mask on your face; Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. You will recover the hydration and elasticity of your skin.

Hair treatment:

It is normal for women to apply different products on their hair to look spectacular; however, some treatments such as dyes, irons and permanents mistreat from the scalp to each hair. To restore silkiness and shine you just have to eat a balanced diet rich in iron and protein, as well as apply a mask like this:

Mix eight drops of essential oils of petitgrain, lemon and lavender, as well as two tablespoons of vegetable oil of hazelnut. Apply the paste directly to the hair and wrap it in a towel. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.


A few hair-free legs are very attractive. There are several hair removal techniques you can apply, from wax to laser. You should only know your needs and choose the one that best suits you.


The beauty tips for your feet are very easy. Try to pamper them constantly, since they are the ones that support the weight of your whole body. Immerse them in warm water and gently brush the nails and heels; you can use an exfoliant to eliminate roughness. Every 15 days you go with a specialist to perform a pedicure and prevent any infection.

Remember that these beauty tips will help you raise your self-esteem and maintain good health. You do not need a lot of money to achieve it, just take a few minutes to enjoy yourself.

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