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Not All the Tears Are a Sign of Happiness or Grief

People cry due to grief or happiness but not every tear is a tear always. There might be a person who is actually not crying but has a disease which is called watery eyes or Ephiphora. It is also known as lacrimation which is usually an abnormal overflow of tears, found in one or both eyes.

Cause of watery eyes is an overproduction of tears with not a proper drainage. Watery eyes are not exactly a life-threatening disease but it causes irritation to the sufferer especially among the people requires more eye contact in their profession.

Let’s put some light on overproduction of tears:

Inflammation on the surface of the eye cause tears to produce so that the irritation can be soothed. Allergies are the second important factor when we look for the causes of watery eyes.  Eyelid and eyelash can be equally responsible but many cases are associated with dryness in the eyes.

Poor tear drainage:

It is mentioned as the inability of the tear channel to drain the number of tears formed due to blocked, narrow or defective drainage channel or opening.

Tears are an important part when we talk about the lubrication of eyes and it also helps to remove dust, dirt particle or any intruders from entering the inner surface of eyes. Thus it helps in protecting our eyes and improves vision. However, it causes blurriness as excess film is formed due to the water in the eyes. Reasons can differ from person to person that might be allergies, blockage of the duct, and presence of foreign particles, infections or conjunctivitis. Some illnesses like nasal cavity, cold and sinuses can also cause watery eyes. Older people are more prone to get hit by the disease whereas cases of narrow tear duct in infants can also be seen.

Long illness with itching, burning sensation, pain, swelling, redness can lead to strain which results in more pain and more watering. Eyes become sensitive to light and vision gets affected too.

Prevention is always better than cure. The person suffering from the disease must take precautions rather than searching for a cure after getting symptoms at first. Wear eyeglasses with protective films to help in safeguarding your eyes in the sun. It would be better to stay away from allergens or things that can start allergic reactions. Do not rub eyes or itch with naked fingers to avoid contact with bacteria.

Some of the ayurvedic treatment for watering eyes is believed to be the best cure. Have a look at some of them.

  1. Warm a little water and dip a towel in it. Let it soak! Keep it on your eyes to clean the eyes and stickiness.
  2. Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water in a day. Water is very important for the correct production of tears.
  3. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  4. Take a cup of warm water and soak 2 teaspoons of roughly grounded coriander seeds. In the morning strain it and collect only the water. Add a little sugar and have the strained water by dividing into two portions. One portion can be used for putting drops in the eye. 3-4 drops twice a day is very good.
  5. Cucumber gives a cooling and relaxing effect to the eyes. Cut it into slices and place it on your eyelid. Drinking cucumber juice can also be beneficial.
  6. Don’t use chemical cosmetics like Kajal, line, and mascara if your eyes sensitive.
  7. Massage with ice cube over the eyelids helps in cooling.
  8. Pulp of aloe vera applied on the eyelids sooth the eyes.
  9. Make a paste of fresh pudina or coriander leaves. Apply to scalp and experience cooling on eyes.
  10. Pulp of hibiscus can also be applied to relieve the burning sensation of eyes.
  11. Consume the water soaked methi. It is also helpful.
  12. Consuming dried raisins soaked in milk on empty stomach helps in relieving the burning sensation.

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