Must have Travel Gadgets

Evolution of Gadgets and Accessory has assisted people in every field. It had brought unimagined things within the reach of human. If you are found of traveling or exploring, then bellow are few gadgets and accessory whose sustenance can bring you out from extreme situations.

1) Gerber bear Grills survival tool pack:-

Gerber is a multi-tool product that is reliable. It has 12 different components to help you out. It has tempo flashlight with high led output, an anodized aluminum body making it tougher, it also contains wire cutters, fire starter and wood saw. Sheathed in a locking case that can be attached to a black strap or belt. This entire tool that is really helpful for surviving in extreme conditions and in any weather.

2)  GoTenna:-

A fantastic outdoor communication gear.  Designed to keep connected, cell phones even when there is no cellular service. Two-way radio and antenna uses Bluetooth-LE to pair with a Smartphone. Enabling you to text and share GPS locations on detailed offline maps, its weather-proof lightweight and very easy to use. The messages can be shared about 50 miles in ideal condition. Basically inspired from disaster rescue and recovery operations.

3)  Tesla Power bank Compact Portable Power Bank:-

It’s an external battery pack with USB and detachable micro USB cable, apple lightning connections that can charge your android phone or iPhone on the go. The Power bank uses a single 18650 cell with 3,350mAh capacity delivery a 5v/1.5A output which increases its speed of charging. Over all it’s a compact and quick.

4)  Water purifier Bottle:-

It’s been seen that contaminated water leads to serious diseases. And when you are traveling it becomes more essential thing to take care off. As a little carelessness can lead to negative consequences or can ruin your trip. This bottle is very useful and easy to carry. Especially when you are venturing in remote areas. These bottles in few seconds clear and purify any kind of impure water and make it drinkable. It has rechargeable lithium ion batteries it uses UV light to reduce or eliminate viruses and bacteria. It contains approx 1 liter of water.

5)  Flask Light:-

This flask has 2 collapsible stainless steel shot cups, a compass, a bottle opener and dual mood LED flood beam light(static and SOS) can carry 300ml of any beverage. Extruded anodized aluminum, its interior surface has glass (Sio2) layer that has been bonded to that substrate at the molecular level. It also includes 3 energizer E90 batteries. It’s a multi functional tool.

6) Belkin Global Universal Travel Charger Kit:-

The Global travel kit provides one universal charger that works with any device in any country. It gives 6 interchangeable tips that safely cover the 6 dominant power formats across the world. Allow the maximum required power for fastest charging with 2.4A output. Belkin CEW protection up to £ 1,500. Its package includes one wall charger, six regional plugs and worldwide regulatory statement.

7)  Cable Lock:-

What happens whenever we travel, our attention certainly goes around safety of various things we carry with us. This versatile accessory is answer for this. Cable lock it totally reliable, retractable steel coated shackle, now it also comes with digit combination. Extremely usable can be use to lock luggage zip or lockers.

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