Indian Women take to SUVs like ducks to water!

SUVs have always been perceived as macho vehicles. However, the stereotypes have been broken since women are taking to these vehicles like ducks to water! Women buyers are now preferring SUVs above several other vehicles. There were several reports and surveys which analyzed women buyers living in 28 Indian cities.

While hatchbacks are the cars owned most by women with a figure of 61%, they go down to 49.2% among those desirous of buying a new car within the next 6-12 months. Currently 7.3% of women have vehicles falling in the MPV/MUV category but 7.7% wish to buy these vehicles in the future. In case of SUVs and crossovers, 13.3% people have these vehicles but 20.7% desire possession of the same in the future.

Why women love SUVs

Women desire SUVs for several reasons including tackling potholes and poor roads. Women are earning good salaries these days and can afford to spend decent money on buying premium and large-sized SUVs. There are several new categories emerging in the market right from full sized SUVs to compact SUVs and crossovers.

These days, there are several available options for female buyers. Current SUVs are stylish, comfortable and come in a variety of price points. SUVs offer convenience to women buyers since they are easy to step into. Women love the sizes of SUVs and the fact that they get more safety features than hatchbacks and many sedans.

Women and their love affair with SUVs looks set to continue

Women who love going on road trips also appreciate SUVs for their power and oodles of space. They also appreciate the large room for cargo from a practical perspective. SUVs also impress women who have larger families and need big cars to ferry people around. SUVs offer better visibility overall and women appreciate having a better view of the road ahead.

SUVs also offer heightened shopping space for buyers since they have higher legroom. SUVs are highly practical and spacious at the same time. Most importantly, SUVs are stylish and attractive these days and sport highly compelling designs. Everybody wants an SUV these days and women are not immune to the trend. SUVs have higher road presence and come with powerful engines and great features.

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