Get Set for a Kerala Trip Real Soon

A trip to Kerala is something everybody wants. A Kerala tour is not the regular weekend tour. There is an entirely new world to explore in Kerala. You need a proper itinerary if you want to make the most of your time. Let’s not lie, a Kerala tour isn’t that cheap either. The transport itself is what takes a significant amount out of your travel budget. If you want to stay at a beautiful hotel or one of those boat houses, you will feel your wallet getting a little lighter. Browse Kerala holiday packages to find the best deal, if you like travelling via professional holiday planners, that is. If you would rather go on your own, at least check out the packages to get a rough idea about an itinerary and the prices at different locations.

Planned Trip versus Impromptu Trip

How many times have you just grabbed your backpack and bid your parents goodbye for a weekend without planning to? How many times have you just dodged the warden somehow and sneaked out on a hillside trip with your hostel friends? Whatever be the number, it is never enough. But as far as a Kerala trip is concerned, this isn’t how you should do it.

There are too many beautiful places to visit in Kerala. Let’s not waste time listing them down because the list is endless and I am sure you have been spending quite some time browsing them all. Beautiful! Aren’t they? Now, in order to get to visit as many places possible in a single trip, you need a well-planned itinerary so that you do not lose any time waiting for transport or waiting for anything at all. This is why you need to check out the Kerala packages that you find on the internet, or in some well updated physical magazines.

Adjust your Timings Right

There are issues like waiting too long just because you reached a certain place at the wrong time. That is a huge inconvenience when you are in a totally different state and don’t know what to do with the time or where to go. Most people squeeze in a Kerala tour in the longest vacation they can afford, which is still never long enough. Losing time in this situation is even more frustrating.

A common mistake is to go on a houseboat trip on your very first day. This isn’t about waiting too long but about not having enough time. The houseboat trip ends by 17:30. So, if you arrive anytime in the afternoon, you will not even have enough time to settle down, freshen up, and go enjoy the trip. If you want to cover the houseboat trip on the very first day itself because you have many other things planned for later, you must reach in the morning, anytime before 11:00.

Another time issue you need to keep in mind is to make sure you take an evening flight to Kochi so that you can reach right in time to catch the Fort Kochi, the Portuguese colonies, and the Chinese fishing nets at their best.

Take some rest in between every journey. Even though Kerala is an easy place climate-wise, you do not want to tire yourself out before the trip ends. Kerala packages offer a night’s stay at every place if you are trying to cover all the places. But if you are going on your own, you can stay at your favourite spot as long as you want.

Safety Tips for your Wellbeing

You might think there is hardly anything that can get you sick on a Kerala trip. Of course, there are no rugged mountains, no heavy trekking, nothing aggressive, the weather is all fine. Nobody can imagine anything could go wrong in Kerala. But there are a few things you need to know. For example, the natural waters, though not unhealthy, might not suit you. So don’t go drinking from the backwaters. It is not a good idea no matter what people say.

Carry the regular medicines that you carry on a trip. It is good to carry your own medication because in a different place you might not get the exact medicine you are used to. So, take your cold meds, even though you are least likely to need them. Take meds for digestion and other stomach problems, although the air of Kerala is so healing and healthy. Carry first aid, you might need this anytime. Some pain relief gel and spray, band-aids, antiseptic, and some gauge should be enough to cover you before you can get to a doctor in case you sprained your ankle running down the beautiful valleys. Make sure you always carry your own oral painkillers and use a tablet only when you absolutely need it despite the pain relief gel.

Tips to be a Good Visitor

The people of Kerala are very hospitable and friendly. They are also very serious about their traditions and culture. So, every time you visit a temple, because there are many beautiful temples to see, make sure you take off your shoes whenever you are required to.

Before you enter a restaurant make sure you are okay with the use of some coconut oil. It is healthy, though you might take some time getting used to the taste.

Also, learn a few words in Malayalam. Yes, it is a tough language but learning some words like ‘Nandi’ for ‘thank you’, or ‘Halea’ for ‘hello’ is good. It is not just polite but also helpful when you are trying to communicate. Look up the pronunciations and you are good to go.

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