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Top 5 Effective Space-Saving Ideas for Your Tiny House

Decorating your house can be an unnerving task, but decorating a tiny house can make it twice more dreadful! I don’t mean to sound like you’re at your wits’ end with your tiny house and huge ideas, but really, having a limited space comes with a price (and a lot of effort) to maximize every empty space for functionality.

Home decoration, especially in a shared space, is very important to meet every inhabitant’s practical and psychological needs. You want your home’s decoration especially tailor-made for you but what happens when others don’t necessarily like looking at that brightly-colored lamp on the sofa’s side table? You’ll have to pray to the home décor gods to work their magic so everybody feels at home; therefore, a win-win situation!

What Are the Disadvantages of Decorating a Tiny House?

Although a tiny house has its pros like less cleaning (this might be a winner for some), saving lots of money from buying lesser and smaller furniture and equipment, being energy efficient allowing you to spend less on electric bills and can even push you to go solar (if you’re an avid environmentalist); in short, living in a tiny house gives you a shot in the arm to live simply.

But wait, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies in a tiny space, there are several limitations when decorating your tiny house. This might be a game-changer which can unveil the inner interior designer in you OR it can make you go cuckoo instead. You’ll have to keep in mind that there might be setups in a regular house that don’t and will never work in a tiny one. So embrace the fact that it’s particularly hard to find builders with the experience and expertise to turn things around for you. Another con in decorating a tiny house is you’ll have to make do of a common space as a multifunctional space for working, playing (when you have kids), entertaining, exercising, or when you want to have your ‘me’ time (we all know there’s always time for that). Ultimately, the fact that there’s little to no storage at all in your tiny house, calls for more trips to the grocery stores because you won’t be able to buy in bulk (I mean, where would you store all those tissue papers, cereal boxes, or canned goods?). Overall, having a tiny house can either make you spend more if you don’t put your thinking hats on.

Why Do You Need Space-Saving Ideas?

Never leaving any space unturned might be able to help you with your monumental problem in your tiny house. Master planning down to the last detail is very essential; a properly arranged bookshelf may give room for a mini-gym, or a well-thought out dining room may pave way for a mini-bar you can hold parties in, the bottom line is – space-saving ideas will maximize every space in your tiny house, no matter how small.

The common go-to option for tiny house owners for the most intimate part of their house are the murphy beds. You can choose any style and size in several murphy bed stores. While this is a very viable option, there are also other modifications you can do so living in a cramped space isn’t such a far cry from living in a regular house. Here are 5 effective space-saving ideas you can make use of:

  • While the eyes are the windows to a man’s soul, the windows in your tiny house give your eyes a bigger and brighter vision of the small space. There’s never too many windows in a house! Not only do they make your rooms radiant and airy but they also make everything seem bigger! And while you’re at it, painting your walls and ceilings white also does the trick!
  • When buying furniture, opt for versatile ones like a foldable table,for example, this can be an all-around table you can use for work, kids’ drawing or study area, or simply where you hang out with friends over a beer or two.
  • If you have under-the-stairs storage, make use of it! Turn it as your drawers, bookshelf or even storage for toiletries and supplies. I’m sure every small space has something to offer, no matter what the dimensions are!
  • Remember I mentioned about murphy beds? They’re not the only furniture that can be hinged on the wall but you can do the same concept with your tables, drawers, chairs, shelves, storage, cabinets or ironing board!

The space outside your tiny house is just as special as the inside. If you like having guests around, a tiny house can make them feel claustrophobic; extend the party outside and take advantage of alfresco lunches and dinners. Buy some durable versatile furniture that you can use for hosting parties!

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