The most important things about Stress you should know

The first step to overcoming stress in your lifestyle is knowing it.

There are different kinds and stress stages, and it impacts you in numerous methods. Here are some sources to help you better view the stress you experience—and stress in general—so you’ll be in a better position to manage it.

How stress impacts your health

Stress can impact your wellness in numerous methods, some apparent and some less apparent. Here is a list of the different methods stress can impact your whole body system, with details of each. Also, this content gives you some more information on how stress make you become ill and tired more often, and keep much healthier, even during flu year.

Lifestyle aspects and personality factors

Some of us encounter more stress than others. Here are some articles that describe the way of lifestyle aspects that can bring more stress into our lifestyles, and the inherent and discovered character aspects that cause some people to respond more highly to stress than others, and even make more powerful and more numerous stress reactions to the activities in our lifestyles.

Take the stress and wellness quiz

Do you think you have a good knowledge of how stress impacts you? This test is designed to not only test your knowledge, but educate you about the connection between stress and your wellness as you take it.

Good stress vs. Bad stress

We all encounter stress in our lifestyles, and it’s actually been found that some stress in your way of lifestyle is wonderful for you. The problem with stress is when it becomes extreme, and when you don’t allow yourself to be able to restore from traumatic periods. This content describes the different kinds of stress, what kind of stress is most severe to your wellness, and what you can do to keep much healthier.

The stress control glossary

This is a set of stress-related conditions and ideas that you may see described on this site or somewhere else. It’s a work in progress—I’m constantly including terms—and it’s fun to search through. Each term is connected to a meaning as well as relevant sources.

Can stress make you fat?

This is actually a question I listen to a lot, so I thought it was essential to include here. There are different methods that stress can impact your weight, from impacting your eating styles to changing the way your whole body system procedures food! This content describes more about it, and gives useful keeping your whole body system fit even when you’re under stress.

More about stress and your health

The Stress and Health Area has more essential sources to help you realize job stress, financial stress, and the results of stress on your defense mechanisms, your hormonal stages, and other areas of your wellness.

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