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Causes and Treatment of Alopecia under Stress

Hair loss due to stress is a frequent occurrence. Many people lose part of their hair due to constant stress, trouble at work and in the family.

Stress and baldness: why hair falls because of nervousness

To notice the effect of stress on the hair is not easy at once, since this pathology develops gradually, and it goes through several stages. Usually notice it in the last stages. The rapid restoration of the normal state of hair in such a situation is impossible. It requires an integrated approach, while immediately, since hair loss due to stress in a state of neglect can lead to total alopecia.

Hair loss due to stress: what happens in the body?

Stress is a disease of the body due to nervous tension, anxiety. It is necessary to treat it at the first signs, since its development leads to a number of consequences. The organism, suffering from frequent stresses, fails in all systems. The immunity is often deteriorated, pathological changes occur in the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, the reaction of the hormonal system. The central nervous system becomes unpredictable; there are other disruptions in the operation of all body systems.

Nervous tension and stress cause a number of changes that affect the scalp.

In the state of hair, such processes take place in a certain order:

  • Violated hormonal balance. This system actively influences all processes in the body, including the development of follicles.
  • The process of feeding the follicles with the necessary substances and oxygen compounds is disturbed. At this stage, the loss is not yet provoked, but the growth of new hairs stops.
  • Due to the constant failure of the necessary substances, starvation of the follicles occurs. Drying, aging of the cells occurs, which is why the hair gradually becomes thinner. Over time, previously living hairs die, which leads to hair loss from stress. At this stage, the development of alopecia becomes noticeable.

About how stress affects the hair, can tell, and those who turned gray in moments of great emotional shock.

The reaction to strong emotions can be rapid hair loss or a change in pigment:

  • The follicle has a small muscle, which at the time of a strong shock can sharply shrink, blocking the flow of useful substances, and even destroys the base of the hair. So there is a rapid baldness.
  • Stem cells that secrete melanin, dye hair in a certain shade, can also react to stress. With a strong emotional overload of consciousness, these stem cells die, bleaching hair.

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How to stop hair loss

Baldness from stress in women and men is a process that can be stopped. In this case, the first thing you need to do is contact an experienced trichologist, who can say for sure if hair is falling out from stress, what to do to stop the process and which doctors should be visited additionally. Usually, the help of an endocrinologist is needed to help restore hormonal balance and bring the body back to normal.

Treatment for hair loss under stress includes:

Getting rid of the stimulus – It is necessary to undergo a course of treatment with antidepressants to eliminate the cause of nervousness.
The course of vitamins -It can be both fresh vegetables and fruits, and vitamin preparations.

Limitation of mechanical and chemical damage – Hair dyes, hair dryers, curling irons, irons and hair curlers, varnishes and mousses, other commonly used items, as well as substances for styling and changing hair destroy the structure of hairs, thinning them. Brittleness and death of the follicle is often caused by just such actions.

Home care hair – The effect of stress on hair can be significantly reduced by home procedures. It is enough just to relax and with soft circular motions to stimulate blood circulation, which will lead to the activation of dormant follicles. Regular massage with fingers or a comb will create additional saturation of hair with oxygen. It would not be amiss to organize the nourishment of hair with oil masks or rinsing the head with infusions of medicinal herbs. For example, chamomile will revive and improve the shine of blond hair, calendula will strengthen the hair roots of all types, and nettle or burdock will improve the process of restoring the structure of damaged hair.

Buy only high-quality hair care products – Many women try to be treated independently during the period when the hair falls out of stress (which is absolutely not worth doing). Proper treatment can only specialist. Do not take risks, trust an experienced doctor and save your beauty.

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