Board Result 2017 | Funny Joke

A Student who got 0% Marks, was surprised because his all answers were seemingly correct ! Read his answers and have a blast. Q.1 – In which battle did Tipu Sultan Die ?.. Ans. – In his Last Battle.. Q.2 – Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed? Ans. – At the Bottom of the […]


The Best Power Abs Workout

Firm your deep abdominal muscle tissue to contract your waistline, improve your posture, and gain more confidence. Do this circuit workout twice, three times a week, for a stronger core. Clamp Targets returning, abs, oblique muscle tissue, inner hip and legs, and outer thighs Lie faceup on ground with arms and legs prolonged upward; raise […]


What is Cellulite and Why Do We Have It?

Fat Cells Before we can beat cellulite, we must first understand it. We all have fat cells within your body system, and a specific quantity is very necessary to help our body function properly. When fat cells push up against the outer lining area of the epidermis, the fibrous cells that joins epidermis to muscular […]


Ginger-Lemon Green Tea Recipe

This green tea recipe has the health benefits and zingy taste of ginger plus the refreshing citrus taste of lemon thanks to Ginger-Lemon Simple Syrup. Just make a batch of simple syrup in advance and you can put together hot or iced Ginger-Lemon Green Tea in about 7 minutes. Ingredients 2 tablespoon green Tea 2 […]