Submit a Guest Post to the “Halchal Guru” Blog

A guide to our writer’s galaxy

Knowledge is valuable when it is in depth, relatable and shared, that is what we aim to do at Halchal Guru and invite you to do the same. If you like the posts we share on our blog, find them interesting and believe you have your own ideas that you want to share, you can write for us. It must be noted that there is a certain level of quality we require from our writers. This will provide a brief roadmap for all those guests that would themselves like to contribute content for our page.

The very first step

Read our blog. We provide the latest “halchal” on several niches and only welcome writers that can provide relatable information. Our aim is to give valuable information, something our readers lean from and wish to come back for more. Your content should stick to the topics of our blog and the reader base of our blog should find the information you provide relevant. Avoid being vague, try and deliver real value.

The do’s

Be original!! That is not just a motivational line, it is the most important criteria for our blog. We only accept 100% original work that hasn’t been published anywhere else in any form of publication, digital or otherwise. Furthermore, the content you write for us is not to be published anywhere else. Yes, not even your personal blog, let alone anywhere else. We will check for both!

You are obviously allowed to refer to research done by others. Make sure that claims made under the health and such topics should be cited, and relevant sources mentioned. Disinformation can be dangerous, so do you research rigorously.

Images that are licenced should be given credit too, include the authors byline at the bottom.

Make your headings and content conversational. We want readers to feel like they are engaging in a conversation and not in a monotonous narrative that is filled with unnecessary keywords. So, write catchy titles, make the reader want to read beyond the first sentence and all the way to the end. Get personal!! The only time anyone would ask that, but yes, we want you to give a personal touch to your articles. Our readers need to feel they are talking to a person and not studying for an exam. Write in your own voice, explain things as you would to your friend vocally.

An article on average should be around 700 words. This is not an invitation to fill up words unnecessarily to meet the word limit. It is an approximate amount of research and therefore content we expect from our writers.

The please don’ts

Do not write SEO driven articles, write for an audience. We are not a platform form for business to advertise their brands and products. We like to deliver valuable information and we ask nothing less from our writers.

No one likes a cheater so do not plagiarise.

A final note and then Submit

Our hope is to offer guidelines and therefore we refrain to shackle a writer by too many rules. All our suggestions will have to be adhered to and in the process, will make you a better writer. Once you believe you’ve met our guidelines please send as your article at . We will read it, proof read it and do the necessary formatting required before the article can be uploaded on our blog.  We welcome all writers and hence it may sometime take a little time for us to get back to you, we believe in responding to all our applicants. So be patient and write on!