Best Apps For Learning Coding Skills

There was a time, for a new business, businesspersons used to search for the right places to open a shop. Then the internet came and there was a mad scramble to search for the right domain name. Now, with more businesses becoming online, there are many job opportunities for coders and programmers. Are you a 25 year old and has a bright e-commerce idea? Is it related to LED TV repair in Bangalore?

You have got an investor firm to give funds, but you want to learn the fine nuances of coding. Unfortunately, coding cannot be learned overnight; you need to practice and get the right guidance. But there are some apps which can give the best assistance. Mentioned below are five apps that can give you the best assistance.

1. Encode

The app is described as one of the best learning options for beginners. The basic interactive code-editor is designed out of JavaScript, one of the best programming languages. The first few lessons may give a basic outlook; it also gives the best knowledge about coding.

The most important feature is – it starts from the right initial stage of a beginner. The lessons about programming are short. The chapters allow everyone to learn coding anywhere, anytime.

All the lessons are interactive. You get feedback post every session. However, the app is only for users of Android.

2. Udacity

It is both an app as well a program. If you are interested in learning the very depth of programming in intense form, then this app is the right destination. But you are given the option to choose the segment depending on your capabilities. You can learn HTML, CSS, Python and Javascript.

Consider the advantages of learning via this app. The courses have been designed by industry experts from MongoDB, Cloudera, Facebook and Google.

You are given options to enroll and participate for the courses from anywhere, anytime. There are only some courses which are free, but pay a little more for the premium course. The content and teaching is worth more than the amount paid.

One advantage in premium courses is that you will get proper feedback from reputed tutors. The other benefit is making connections with old alumni and students.

3. Tynker

If Udacity is more intense, then Tynker is just the opposite. It is quite friendly and you can learn in a relaxed mood. The app has been designed keeping the kids with mind, but even adults can learn from the app.

If you want to build a game, you can learn by solving puzzles. The app makes you learn the basic concepts through learning with visual blocks and then to programming languages such as Python, JavaScript.

4. Khan Academy

The academy became popular because you can learn various languages via a laptop or a tablet.

Other than coding, you can also learn many lessons for programming. In reality, the library has a larger collection of videos in the number of 6000. Learn the fundamentals of computer science.

You can get free video tutorial. Go on a free educational tour to enrich your knowledge. The Academy app is available in iOS and Android. You can gain valuable information about coding and digital skills. You also get inform about coding languages. Example – CSS/HTML.

You can also get valuable introduction concepts regarding drawing, web pages as well animation courses.

5. CodeHub

CodeHub can be considered as a very simple app compared to Udacity. This app will easily give you information on the coding process. Every course has a total of 50 lessons but you can divide the lesson as per your schedule.

IF you have gained knowledge, there is an option to skip the initial stages. You can also submit queries/thoughts by a simple button.


The entire world has gone mobile, so it is relevant that you continuously keep yourself updated according to the developments in your specific sector. Every online business has in the pipeline, an app through which they can reach more number of people.

There are many apps to learn coding, however, we have listed only the important five. Hope this article gave you valuable information. If you have a doubt or query, feel free to drop a review in the comments box.

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