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3 Mistakes Most People Make When Losing Weight

You might be willing to lose weight fast and you might be sure about what your goal is and how focused you are but believe it or not, you, at some point, will make some of these mistakes mentioned below that most people make often.

#1. Exercising first thing

Going out for a run first thing in the morning helps you wake up and gets the calories burnt so you won’t run out of time to do so later. But this is not good for your body, you are running on empty.

It affects your workout performance drastically, meaning you don’t do as well and burn less calories. It’ll possibly also have an impact on the rest of day because you need to recover of a poor workout session.

Your liver has a store of energy which is at its lowest after a night of sleep, by exercising in this state you push your body into starvation mode which ultimately burns less calories.

These all lead to poor adaption to your workouts which means a lower increase in fitness, as well as less fat loss.

Make sure to eat a good breakfast with lots of slow release carbs such as oats and whole grains. Reschedule your exercise session for shortly before your evening meal, this also happens to be when most people perform best physically.

Try using liquid diet plans instead of calorie drinks to have better results.

#2. Increasing your exercise intensity/duration too quickly

In the hopes of losing weight as quicker you exercise more intensely every time, running an extra mile, pushing yourself to do more reps, etc. This is not a good idea.

Firstly, losing weight super-fast is not what you need to be aiming for, simply losing weight is what you wanted so no don’t push it to the extremes.

Secondly, increasing your workout intensity too quickly will result in injury, mental burnout and a lack of results. Not good for long term weight loss and fitness development.

Lastly, extremes are in my experience and opinion not healthy physically or mentally. As individuals we should do the best we can with what we’ve got, hoping for extremes is unrealistic and always leads to disappointment. I’m saying you shouldn’t have dreams, goals and ambitions because they are what make us do the things we do. If you think about it losing weight as fast as possible is not the best you can do, it’s going to hurt your body, it’s not smart or healthy. Steady as you go.

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#3. Energy drinks for workouts

Sport and energy drinks are really popular (especially among students during exam time), they promise to give you what you need to do an amazing workout.

The thing is unless you are a professional athlete these drinks are pointless, they are full of sugar and caffeine. Which means an excess of sugar based calories.

When you are on a healthy diet you shouldn’t need energy drinks to perform well in workouts, so adjust your diet first if you are finding workouts are getting better with drinks.

Caffeine does give a small boost when working out but they make you pass more water and speeds up dehydration which is not good overall (I’ve also covered this many times in this series). Please avoid all of these mistakes and I wish you as efficient and enjoyable weight loss journey.

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