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Coconut oil- the best household remedy

Coconut oil has might been one of the most beneficial health foods on the planet. Besides the fact that it has helped me during the whole course of my life, it has numerous uses. These uses can extend to make it a form of a medicine. No wonder, it’s tree is considered as an epitome of life in Southeast Asia, Philippines, India and some other tropical regions.

If you are curious to know what coconut oil can do for you, read on and discover it yourself.

Usage of Coconut Oil in foods

Frying and Sautéing

Coconut has a high smoke point due to which it can be used to cook foods at a high heat. There are many other oils that get oxidized, when they are subjected to high heat, for example, olive oil. However, coconut oil has an ability to stay stable, no matter how high the temperature gets. So, you can always rely on coconut oil when you are planning to fry or sauté your food.

Spreading on grain bread

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do after getting washing your face and brushing your teeth is eating your breakfast, and if you are not on diet, you love to consume butter. What if I tell you that you can replace it with coconut oil? Coconut oil, when applied on a toast, instead of butter, cannot only accentuate the flavor of a toast but also helps in improving your immune system. It helps you fight diseases like eczema, and gives you enough strength to resolve hormonal and digestive issues.

Boosting Up Your Natural Energy

You will be surprised to know that coconut oil can easily help you boost your energy. Coconut oil consists of chain triglycerides that can easily increase your energy upon associating with chia seeds (already infamous for giving an energy boost). Now you know the trick so next time, when you need something to increase your energy levels, you can take one tablespoon of coconut oil and half tablespoon of chia seeds and mix them together to get an instant dose of energy.

Adding Nutrients to Smoothies

Do you want something that can help you fight your cholesterol issues? Then, coconut oil is your answer. It helps in managing the cholesterol levels, ultimately saving you from being at the verge of cardiovascular disorders. You can take coconut oil and add it to your favorite fruit smoothie, you will be surprised to see the impact it creates on your health. It will not only improve the flavor and texture of your smoothie, but will also turn it into a nutritious diet.

Topping Up Your Popcorn

Are you fond of popcorns? Do you have a craving for it the moment you enter a theatre? Do you like the smell that permeates the air the moment you stop by a popcorn shop? Do you know that you can experience it all easily? All you need to do is take a cooking pot, add some coconut oil and some kernels into it and let them pop. Trust me, they will have the same taste as the ones that you have always been eating.

Usage of Coconut Oil on Skin

As A Wrinkle Reducing Agent

If you want to look young and fresh, you need to use coconut oil. It not only prevents pre-mature aging but also helps you reduce wrinkles around the eyes. All you have to do is to combine coconut oil with frankincense oil and dab it around your eyes. Trust me, it will work wonders.

As Eye Makeup Liquefier

Most of us, women find it difficult to wipe off our makeup, especially eye makeup, to be specific. Now you have a solution in the form of a coconut oil. All you have to do is to apply coconut oil onto your eye lids, both upper and lower periodically. Once you get finished, wipe the whole makeup off with a small cloth. It will not have any harmful effect on your eyes, instead it will help increase the hydration around your eyes.

Usage of Coconut Oil at Home

As an active ingredient to make toothpaste

Do you love creating something new? What if I tell that you can create something with the things already available at home? You can make a toothpaste by adding a few drops of coconut oil into a baking soda. All you need to do is to mix coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint oil together, and you’re done. This is a very cost-effective method to make a toothpaste, you should definitely try it out.

These tips have always worked wonders for me. I hope they will work for you the same way as they have done for me.

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Jane Scott is currently working as a nutritionist at a renowned firm. With an experience of more than a decade, she is considered as a go-to person in her field of work.

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