The step by step guide to design your company logo right way

So you’re all set to create an amazing logo for your brand but guys, are you clearly understand what a logo is and how it is supposed to function. A logo is a picture or an icon that represents a product or brand via a symbol or a signature. Usually a logo gets its meaning from the brand or product it is symbolising and not the other way around. One must understand, the purpose of a logo is just as identity, there are not here to explain.

Confused? Don’t worry, I will explain. Imagine logo as people. We all prefer to be addressed by our names right? Or do we prefer to be addressed with a confusing, forgettable description like – that girl with blue eyes, curly hairs, works in college. Ofcourse not!

Similarly a logo is not supposed to explain what the brand does, instead it should identify the brand in a memorable and recognizable way. Additionally, one must remember that once the logo becomes familiar, then only it works the way it is supposed. Basically, a logo is the way to identify a brand or product in the simplest form. Below is the step by step guide to create an ideal logo for your business.

1. Ensure:


Your logo is going to represent your brand. Therefore while designing logo, you have to keep your ideal target audience as well as your brand in mind if you want your logo to be effective. Isn’t it obvious that the logo of a law form and a sports academy won’t be designed in the same manner? Every logo out there must convey a specific brand message tailored towards ideal marketplace.

If you are a professional brand, your logo should be somewhat professional and serious but if you are some restaurant or a florist, your logo can look other way. Now both of these logos are good as they are representing the brand in the best possible manner. No matter which type of brand you are, first do some research to analyze the tastes of your audience. You can also look at your competitors to understand what works better in your market.

Flexibility and versatility:

Now that you have the basic idea about what your logo should represent, the next and the most important part comes, which is its design. The design of your logo must be versatile as well as flexible. You need to design a logo that looks just as awesome and polished on web or mobile as on billboards or banners. Create a logo that is scalable, and should look as legible on the colored background as on black-and-white one. Never use elongated logos as it becomes very difficult to deal with them while transferring mediums.

Minimalism or Simplicity:

An ideal logo is the one that is not only simple but describable too which makes it memorable. None of your audience would like to go through a pyramid of layers and elements while looking at your logo. Ditch the clutter. Simplicity always wins. Choose minimalist approach that avoids using multiple fonts, colors as well as photographs. Keeping your logo simple will also make your work easier and cheaper. Distribution and reproduction also gets very easy. Check out the logo of Nike, Amazon or Apple and you’ll see what I am trying to say.


The purpose of your logo is to identify your brand which is why you have to assure uniqueness while designing it. In such a situation, bucking the trend is the only way to keep the uniqueness in a market which is flooded with Arches, Helvetica and classic double-letter overlay. Yes, you should definitely look at other people, see what they are doing and take inspiration from them. But your choices should be made on more of what makes you unique. Trends will keep changing and that’s why try to add your own personality.

2. Sketch the design

A design is what makes or breaks the effectiveness of your logo in the real world out there. And therefore, sketches are the perfect way to use above mentioned elements are start visualizing your future logo. There are various logo design types like if you look at Twitter or Facebook, they are entirely font-based. On the other hand brands like Goodyear, Taco Bell incorporate an illustration along with text.

Always sketch a multitude of various designs, factor in proportions, negative spaces, and symmetry. These steps will help you clear out what exactly do you want. While doing this, stick to black and white color thereby removing heavy reliance on colors.  Keep your font choices and design simple. Keep practicing again and again until you get a nice design.

Once you are done with that, the next step is to choose the right colors. Color plays a crucial role while solidifying your brand. People associate different emotions with different colors which is why be careful of what you choose. But again, if a color scheme is part of your overall branding strategy, don’t shy away from choosing it. Consistent colors will help you build familiarity.

Once you have the overall idea of your blog, the final step is to translate it into real logo. For this purpose you can online logo maker tools like Canva, where within very small timespan, you can create an awesome logo that best represents your brand. Once you have designed the logo, don’t hesitate to take feedback from others.

Lastly, don’t forget that your logo is also a part of designing and designing trends keep changing. Make sure to keep a check on latest design trends and keep your logo updated.

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