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Everyone wants that their home looks appealing and trendy. But it would be very challenging to walk with trend. You can change the complete look of your house by just infusing some colors in your home décor. You can also add a zing by adding some simple accessories like cushions, wall hangings, vases or even just changing the pattern of curtains could bring a great difference. There are various patterns and designs of cushions available in the online store of 7star design, you can also buy embroidered cushions online. It will add a traditional look to your house. Here we shall be exploring some trending and colorful home styles that could revamp your house.

Some tips which helps revamping your house:

  • Play with colors: Till today you may think that light colors are trendy. But if you add some bold colors that will bring some vividness in your house. Incorporate red, green colors, they will make your house look more appealing. You can mix dark and light colors and get something more stylish. If you want to keep design minimal then let the colors go all the magic. Suppose you have dark colored curtains then you can mix match with light colored cotton pillow cover.
  • Create your own style: Following somebody else choice is just not the way the world thinks in this generation. Get your own creativeness and you can also take help of designer who will design according to your choice and preferences. You can purchase modular furniture from 7star design. In these modular furniture you have an option to make changes according to your preferences.
  • Use different patterns: When you have already used bold colors then it is better to keep plain and simple. You can use color combination for a part of house and for another part you can use varied patterns. Different geometrical patterns give your house a different bounce. Nowadays, floral patterns are also in trend. You can mix match different patterns with bold colors to give an awe look to your house.
  • Choose glossy furniture: In case you are opting for a dramatic look for your house this time then you can choose glossy look for the furniture, like wardrobe or kitchen cabinets. You can purchase these modular sets from our online store. There are variety of designs present from which you can choose the best modular set according to the look of your house.

You can make the look of your house more stunning by just keeping these few points in mind. You can even change the color of walls to give the house a complete make over. Though this is a bit challenging task but you can always expect a helping hand of our designers. You can purchase furniture, different decorative materials and you can also buy embroidered cushions online from our store. Having the makeover after a time period not only helps you to go with the trend but it also helps to bring freshness and a distinctive sense of vibrancy in the whole environment of your house.

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